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Mohamed Habbat

Mohamed Habbat

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About Scholar


Imam Mohamed traces his roots back to Libya. However, Brighton has been his home for the last 9 years, where he has been deeply immersed in serving the community and contributing to its spiritual growth.


  • Tarawih Imam for 8 pivotal years across esteemed institutions:
    • Al-Quds Mosque (5 years)
    • Al-Madinah Mosque (2 years)
    • University of Sussex ISOC (1 year).
  • For half a decade, he has shouldered responsibilities as a cover Imam and khateeb for Brighton’s renowned mosques.
  • His teaching accolades shine bright as an Islamic teacher (Ustath) for both young children and teenagers:
    • Al Quds Mosque (7 years)
    • Al Madinah Mosque (5-6 years).
  • Imam Mohamed’s leadership skills were highlighted during his tenure as the headteacher of Al-Quds Madrassah in 2021-2022, despite the Madrassah’s untimely closure due to internal conflicts.
  • At Brighton, he was instrumental in establishing the Darul Ilm, an Islamic learning institute, catering to children up to 16 years. Under his esteemed leadership as the Head Teacher, the institute has blossomed, now providing Islamic teachings to over 125 local students.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • A proud Hafiz of the Quran with a teaching certification (Ijazah) that traces back to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
  • Fluency in both Classic Arabic and English, enabling him to deliver prayers and inspiring Khutbahs in both languages seamlessly.
  • Possesses extensive Islamic knowledge spanning Fiqh, Aqeedah, and Tafsir. His dedication to independent learning has garnered him an intermediate understanding of Islamic Sciences.
  • He is currently a diligent student of Ilm at Al-Binaa Al-Manhaji in Turkey. With a student base of over 150,000, this prestigious institution aims to produce exemplary Imams and Islamic preachers. Out of the challenging 4-year course, Imam Mohamed is in his 2nd year, having consistently achieved top grades.
  • In parallel with his spiritual pursuits, Imam Mohamed is academically accomplished:
    • A First-Class BSc graduate in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Brighton.
    • A nearing completion master’s student at King’s College London.
    • Secured an offer for a PhD in Biomolecular and Biochemistry sciences at the University of Brighton.
  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership and project management skills.
  • Holds a profound connection with the community, with trusted alliances to help drive the mosque forward.
  • Having performed an in-depth analysis of the prevailing challenges at the mosque, Imam Mohamed is poised with a well-defined strategy to navigate these challenges and usher in transformative changes in the coming years.


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